Monday, April 12, 2010

KERA Was Here

KERA was here at the take out and interviewed us about the trip. Totally unplanned. Talk about timing. She said the interview should air Wednesday at 630 and 830 am and once in the evening on 90.1fm

Sylvan Ave

Sylvan ave

Reunion Tower In the Distance

Reunion tower way back there.


Dallas in the background

North Hampton

N Hampton

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N Westmoreland

N Westmoreland

Elm Fork

This is looking back up river where the Elm Fork comes in. Elm Fork is on the right

A murder of crows

Our departure on the last day was accompanied by hundreds of crows all telling us to move on.

Camp - Night Two

It was a little dark to get a picture of our camp last night. So here a pic this morning. Brets Clark hammock in the foreground and my Hennessy in the distance. The water was down to the right and it dropped off pretty good. We had to use about 40' of rope to secure the kayaks to the trees we were sleeping in.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Today was a good one

Over 25 miles,  a lot more rapids.   I saw the fabled fallen railroad tressel.

I saw a beaver take a nosedive into the mud, then  proceed to tumble into the water.

Tonight, my jungle hammock and I are hanging just before the start if Dallas's levee system listening to a chorus of cricket frogs.

An easy paddle tomorrow,  and I'm home.


Burned my left hand real bad with boiling water.  True brilliance.

Found Site for Second Night

Found a great place to hang the hammocks overnight. We'll be back on the water in the morning. To Dallas!!!!

Multimedia message

Made it to our next camp.

Waste Water Plant in Grand Prairie

Waste water plant in grand prairie. Nice foam huh? I wonder what's living in this crap.

Tree Vs Car

Old Tree, Older Car

This tree was literally growing up through this car. I would estimate the tree to be about 30' tall. How long has that car been there?

Macarthur in Grand Prairie


Bret in Huge Pipe

Huge Pipes Dumped in River



161 Bridge



El Jefe was nice enough to cache a beer for us under the bridge at Roy Orr. This was the best beer I've ever had!

MMMM Beer!

Thanks El Jeffe!!


An Unexpected Cache

Roy Orr

Roy Orr

The Goods are Near

Just got word there's beer waiting for us under Roy Orr

Random Car

Who knows how many cars we've seen

Multimedia message


County line

Just enterwr dallas county.


360 Bridge

We saw a few people fishing here. Some of the very few people we've seen so far

Random Image

Sandy Beaches

This is an odd site for sure. The pic really doesn't do it justice. It's almost like we are in an island paradise.... until you look the other way.



Bret is down there somewhere.

Multimedia message

We are obviously in the dfw flight path. Planes going over every minute. Indicated 30.6 miles



River Legacy Park

River Legacy foot bridge

Bret Falls In

Got out for a break and surprisingly bret was the first to go in the water. Slid right down the bank. Luckily the belt on his waders was cinched tight. Only damage is wet shirts

Multimedia message

Unused RR Bridge

Old RR bridge

Greenbelt Rd

Greenbelt rd

Bret's Passenger

Waste Water Discharge

Waste water discharge

Is that Foam?

First Nights Camp

Home sweet home. Well at least for last night. Coffee and tea this morning along with a good breakfast and we are ready to push on. Thanks to the golf course for letting us squat overnight, although they'll never know we were here ;)

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Inside the hennessy hammock. The only way to hang.

I planned on summarizing the day but I am beat.

More pics tomorrow!

Jungle hammock on the river bank is a good idea. I should sleep very well.

22.9 miles

22 of the required 17 today.  Hammock set up
I'll be asleep early


We are having a nice hot meal by the bank. GPSr shows 22.9 miles and I hope that's accurate. Way ahead of schedule. We planned on only doing 17.

Time to charge the phone and myself for tomorrow


Don't know why we put up the tarps?