Friday, April 9, 2010

Work is killing me.

I've worked until 3-4 am every day this week.  I have not had a second to pack gear, do much needed kayak maintenance, or even think about this trip much.  I know I'm going to forget something important. 

Tonight I'm going to try to get everything packed and get some rest.    I hope work lets me sleep.

I have a list of stuff I need to pick up at the store, and I'm going to try to grab that on the way home from work tonight.


I forgot (or didn't have time, I forget which) to eat before I went to work today, and I think I'm skipping lunch today as well.

Hmmm on the river, there are no schedules, and you eat breakfast as soon as you climb out of your hammock.  You stop for lunch on a sandbar because you're hungry and it looks appropriate.

I need to pack (and load the kayaks on the truck, I guess).

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