Monday, April 5, 2010

The Funky 50?

Or whatever it is called. This week it is being called "about time".

Sometime last year, I thought of taking the Trinity River from Downtown Fort Worth to Downtown Dallas. I don't know why I thought if it, but I did, and I have though if it a lot since then.

This weekend it finally happens. Looks like a rain all weekend too. Perfect.

Fort Worth and Dallas are fairly close to each other, but the river does not know that. 50 miles of river winds between the cities, through suburbs, past junkyards, abandoned (and in use) sewage treatment plants, an abandoned safari-like zoo, and other "interesting" scenery.

We've set aside 3 days for the trip, this should be enough.  17 miles a day, even with all the portages.

Does that pollution dissolve plastic boats?

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