Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's About Time

This trip has been considered, talked about, mulled over and practice has even been conducted, although the practice part almost ended up with me soaked to the bone on a 40+ degree night when I almost flipped my kayak, but that's another story.

The Funky Fifty, also known as the Fifty Miles of Funk, is right around the corner. I find myself anxiously looking forward to the trip from Fort Worth to Dallas on the Trinity. I'm curious to know what the river might hold. I wonder how bad the river is going to stink when we paddle near the waste water discharges. I wonder what kind of characters we might run into or if we'll see anyone at all. I wonder if I've done enough planning and whether or not I've put as much thought into this trip as needed. I wonder if the 'toxic' waters of the urban Trinity will melt my flesh. I'm anxious.

I've backpacked, hiked, kayaked and kayak camped before and every time I make my list and check it twice. Every time, there has never been a serious issue. I'm hoping this will be one of those times. I'm hoping this anxiety is merely the anticipation of getting out on the river because it's been talked about for so long.

So, for now it's back to my lists and studying other's kayaking adventures on the Internet in hopes that I won't overlook anything.

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